Fiberglass and Polyester water slides for Aqua parks, wave pools, and rafting rivers

  • EgyPools is the One of the companies representative in egypt installation of fiberglass and polyester water slides for Aqua parks, wave pools, and rafting rivers.

  • It is the One of the companies that produces water slides with automatic machines and all procedures established and apply concerning quality management system for production, installation of waterslides for water parks and construction materials; are certified by TUV CERT Certification body of TUV Industry Service GmbH and ASTM. 

  • As well it is a member of the World Water Park Association, European water installed all types of swimming pools and water slides in Aqua Parks in Egypt and many hotels and resorts.

  • EgyPools offer to their clients a serious guarantee on the production, installed and functionality of their products

  • EgyPools offer to their clients a serious guarantee on the production, installed and functionality of their products

  • Technical Description & Production Methods
  • GRP Components of the slides in the Project are going to be produced by closed mold (LRTM-LightResin transfer Molding) and open mould technologies. The products with RTM method and called Magic Shine by egypools.

  • LRTM technology is applicable on standard pieces.

  • LRTM technology cannot be applied at start and exit components aqua catches and in case your project requires some components with special dimensions. If this case is valid, the surface appearance of the special dimensioned component which will be produced by open mold technology will be got closer to the RTM piece much as possible by applying some special techniques at the finishing stage. Please note that there may be some differences in surface appearance between the standard component and the component with the special dimension.

  • Moreover, inner surface of all of our tunnel slides with section of Ø 825, Ø 1150, Ø 1200, Ø 1400, Ø 1700, Ø 2000 will be produced in black color, if the slide is above 15m length. Outer surface will be produced in the color to be specified. For example, if you want a Tunnel Body Slide in RAL 5015 color, we will produce its outer surface in RAL 5015 but inner surface in black. Pieces suck as start exit, dry out and reduction pieces of the slide which can be seen from outside will be also produced in RAL5015 so that people can conceive that the slide is in RAL 5015.

  • Gel coat and polyester to be used for waterslides shall be resistant to chlorinated water and UV sun rays and in accordance with European Norms (EN 1069). Fiberglass ratio in GRP shall be minimally 30%. Outer layer of the slides’ components will be laminated with topcoat gel coat layer. Slide flanges will be drilled with special drilling jigs to prevent potential mistakes during the installation. Beside the waterslide components, there will be also risers (splashguards) for the curved components determined by our engineers.

  • The polyester resin will apply is isopthalic based and specially developed for waterpark industry. The structure of the resin has specific additives and distilled with special techniques which provide high mechanical values. For the reason this special to EgyPools resin has lower water absorption against osmosis, higher resistance to ultraviolet rays, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and HDT (Heated Deformation Temperature).

  • The gelcoat has iso0neo structure with acrylic reinforced form which prevents the water absorption

  • Steel Supports (Included)

  • After static calculations, we will prepare implementation projects for the steel supports according to those static calculations. The metal construction shall be completely hot dipped galvanized. In case the buyer is not willing to buy the steel components from Egypools, EgyPools shall provide the engineering project of the steel against the payment of 15% of the metal components value. (Steel supports will be hot dip galvanized.

  • installation Materials

  • Materials used for installation contain fasteners (the nuts and bolts to join the fiberglass parts are stainless steel while the ones to join steel supports are dichromate), caulking (sika flex or equivalent to join the fiberglass slides), chemical anchors and levelers, entry box taps and musk tapes.

  • As EgyPools Waterparks, we have set a standard for waterslide manufacturing excellence. This technology turns waterslides into genuine works of art with both interior and exterior designs -fully embedded into the production of the waterslides.

  • Please kindly contact your sales representative to choose the pattern and/or sound system that fits to your design.

  • The price will be given upon which slides you are requesting for application of the patterns and sound systems.