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Suitable for Every Type Of Pool From Private To Olympic Pools

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Compact Filters

  • The invention of the PVC liner the most significant thing that has ever happened in the global swimming pool industry.

  • Because the material remains flexible to absorb any slight movement of the pool shell and existing cracks for new or renovated swimming pools.

  • The 1.5mm PVC liners are suitable for every type of pool

  • starting with private schools for fun and relaxation

  • to Olympic pools for serious competition up

  • to the heaviest used commercial pools and the pools with the highest environmental loading from sun and high temperature fluctuations to ice and snow.

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Reinforced PVC membrane system​

  • consists of two layers of flexible PVC totally encapsulating a polyester inner reinforcement mesh. UV stabilized and coated with a plasticizer, the waterproof PVC membrane can withstand more than 15 years of service life if correctly maintained. And they are available in solid and beautifully printed color designs.

  • PVC liner is perfect for renovated pools because the membrane system is completely suspended inside the old shell and does not depend on a bond with the old pool, PVC is unaffected by expansion/contraction and freeze problems like conventional renovation options.

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